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Results-Driven Services Portfolio

With a fanatic attention to details and a wide range of skills, we guarantee results that exceed expectations.

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We look beyond documents and files. We see the people and business whose success depends on our professionalism.

What service do you need?

We have assembled an international talent pool of financial support experts, analysts, lawyers, HR managers and administrators. With them we provide professional solutions to any challenge our customers face.

We always find a solution, no matter what challenges our clients are faced with.

Whether you are a startup with two employees or an international corporation with thousands, we have the right service for you.


We offer boutique-level solutions to complex tasks and deliver them with a human touch that sets us apart.



For startups

We support young businesses from idea to exit. We help in all aspects of startup financial management and thanks to our wide professional network we can also help with brokering investments and developing new business and revenue streams.


We provide professional and orderly bookkeeping and compliant monthly reporting. It is essential not only for the ordinary course of business but also helps in persuading investors to work with you.

CFO + Finance controller

We allow you to fully outsource these important roles. Services include organizing a well-working accounting system, budgeting, cash management, forecasting and more.


We manage all allowances and payments, including  calculation of vacation pay, sick leave and other disbursements. We offer payroll capabilities in a number of territories, enabling quick and flexible international expansion.

Business coaching

We will assist in helping the business owners and key personnel to clarify their vision and define their objectives in order to put in place the mindset for leadership, effective management, and growth.


For corporations

Expand to the international market quickly, correctly and with minimal risks. We take care of all the nuances of local legislations and rules, keep the appropriate records and provide documentation for government authorities.


We provide highly professional bookkeeping service in multiple territories. We connect with your business support systems and provide full reporting to local government and regulatory authorities.

Recruitment and Training

We help corporations identify effective employees in both local offices and foreign branches. We oversee their certification, instruction, and training and ascertain that they are ready for the tasks you assign to them.

Cross-Border Services

We assure strict compliance with local laws and regulations. Our experts advise on optimal ways to organize company structures and activities in the USA, Europe and Israel.

Business coaching

We will assist in guiding the business owners and relevant stakeholders to define goals, refine processes, and optimize effectiveness, with the distinct objective of setting the path to take the business from where it is now to where they want it to be.


For investors

We provide support for the entire investment lifecycle – from pre-investment due diligence to M&A process management.

Business and investment risk assessment

We help you run the process of evaluating new investments, from bespoke reports on prospects to full due diligence. We help you make sure that the companies you add to your portfolio are financially sound.


We help your portfolio companies execute successful mergers and acquisitions, either buy or sell side. We oversee complex issues such as pre-acquisition audits, compliance, governmental reporting, tax liabilities and more.

Optimization of Business Processes

We help companies improve their financial processes and practices and optimize the flow of information between them and their investors.


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What our Customers Say



satisfied customers
all around the world


We asked Tatyana’s team to help put our reporting and financial planning in order for several companies in our fund portfolio. In just six months, all the chaotic reporting that had been ongoing for several years turned into an orderly, transparent process.

Sergey Toporov,
Leta Capital

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