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Our bookkeepers , together with lawyers and tax consultants, will provide you with full control over finances and level of transparency of your transactions.

They will help you keep records in accordance with national and international standards.

Your entire flow of documents will be carried out using programs that are most convenient for you.


Service includes

  • efficient and professional accounting support

  • reporting in accordance with international standards IFRS and US GAAP

  • office work performed using such programs as 1C, Netsuite, Quickbooks, SAP Business One, and Priority

Do you want to optimize your taxes and payments into your budget?

Our accountants will help you:

  • determine what benefits and exemptions from payments you are entitled to, within full accordance with applicable laws;

  • choose your best options in order to reduce your tax burden.

We are familiarize themselves with all the details - perhaps nuances or other non-obvious aspects can be found in your existing contractual obligations.

Unsure is the service suit
your needs?

Take our 2-minutes survey and you will receive a personalized set of recommended services



More then 30 companies requested this service and got their possitive value with us

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